Nişantaşı University’s first ELT Conference, NEO-TE(A)CH ENGLISH, promises to offer valuable insights into the various aspects of teaching English to students here in Turkey. From talks by renowned educators like Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken, Tom Godfrey, and JT Rehill to workshops on various innovative approaches of instructing students using technology, drama techniques, rap, social media, and more, the conference will be a treasure trove of valuable information for teachers. The deadline for registering is March 14th, 2019. Don’t delay! Join us for this exciting event.

Plenary Speakers

Dr.Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken

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Dr. Tom Godfrey

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Dr. JT Rehill

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Dr. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken

If only we can learn to embrace our strengths and explore adventurously beyond...

Dr. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken, Sabancı University

In this interactive plenary, we will first collaboratively explore how - and unfortunately, so very often - we take our individual and institutional strengths for granted, both at an individual and institutional level. We will then look at what principles we can most usefully adopt from Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a strengths-based, creative model towards individual and collaborative development and change. Finally, we will discuss key principles to help us ensure effective practices and explore adventurously beyond in teaching; personal and professional development; and school effectiveness...principles that are most definitely here to stay with us for as long as education exists.

Dr. Tom Godfrey

Topic: Being a Transformative Teacher: channelling energy in education.

Teachers have the power to transform learners but what makes some teachers more transformative than others?

What is the future role of education in the new millennium? Education is no longer data driven as content is just a click away for everyone with internet access. Education has become more skills driven and competence based but what of the future as artificial intelligence has already developed skills and competencies to replace our input? Supported by research into the quantum realm, which suggests that the underlying reality of the universe are energy waves and that matter is a metaphysical construct of our consciousness, quantum theory suggests that people are essentially spiritual beings in a world that is shaped by our consciousness. If we conceive of learning as an active process, as most educationalists readily accept, then we must consider what is the impulse, or force that drives the action. In this presentation, I examine the energies that I have observed in the classroom and describe how these energies can be channelled by teachers and learners to foster learning and development. The techniques of channelling energy effectively explain why some teachers are transformative and affect deep learning while others fail to channel the energy flow.

Dr. JT Rehill

Topic: Being a Transformative Teacher: channelling energy in education.

In this inspiring and informative talk, JT will discuss the psychology of confidence and how our evolving understanding of our physical brains supports best practices in student-centered learning, technology integration, and differentiation. Invoking the latest research around cognition and language learning, this thought-provoking presentation will offer participating teachers insights and strategies they can use to support language learning in students at every psychosocial developmental stage

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Conference Programme

Conference Venue

Neote(a)ch ELT Conference will take place on April the 20th, 2019 at Nişantaşı University Maslak Neotech Campus, Cevdet Uysal Conference Hall.

HOW TO GET THERE; Participants who come from outside the city will have to get to the venue through their own means. Participants who inhabit in Istanbul;

They could use the Taksim-Hacıosman Metro (Subway/Tube) Line towards the Hacıosman direction. They should get off at İTÜ-AYAZAĞA stop and follow the ‘Windowist Tower’ exit. They will then walk 1 or 2 minutes towards the ‘Sun Plaza’ building, in front of which the university’s shuttles are located.

Participants who would like to arrive by their own car; please watch this video:


For more information please contact: eltconference@nisantasi.edu.tr

For online registration, please click this button.

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